about our orthodontic office  DuPont, WA
Welcome to Dahlke Orthodontics, where we provide patient-focused care that creates incredible oral health and beautiful smiles, every day! Along the way, we build wonderful relationships with our patients and they become members of our extended family. We look forward to their visits and the laughter they bring to our office.

Here, our focus is always on the patient we’re caring for; Dr. Kirk Dahlke sees every patient and makes an effort to speak with parents following every visit, to update them on the progress we’re making and answer any questions they might have. Our team members are equally devoted to our patients and make sure that every visit is a positive experience.

We believe that orthodontic care should be available to everyone, especially those who serve our country. We are preferred providers for MetLife, United Concordia, and Delta Dental. Ask us for more information during your first visit.

Kirk Dahlke DMD, MS

I grew up in a small ranching town in California, where I learned the importance of hard work from an early age. I earned money for college by stringing barbed-wire fences, painting, renovating apartments and working for a small construction company. I married my sweetheart and moved to San Diego where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from UC San Diego. We then moved to Arizona and I graduated from the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health. From there, I joined the army where I practiced as a general dentist doing all aspects of dentistry and then practiced as an orthodontist for my last five years in the army. The army provided the opportunity to go to Oklahoma, Honduras, Germany, Afghanistan, Texas, and most recently to the sands of the California desert. We had great experiences and made life-long friends everywhere the army sent us. Now, we have settled down to join you all in the Pacific Northwest as we spend our remaining years raising our family in DuPont, and providing you with the best possible smiles.

Some people may ask why should I choose Dahlke Orthodontics for braces. Well, simply I am a hard working and honest guy who strives to do all my work with integrity. I do everything possible to stay current on the latest and greatest in orthodontics in order to get the best possible result for your smile and teeth. Even more importantly, we understand that there is a person attached to those teeth. My family, my staff and I have experienced what many of you have. We understand what it is like to receive unexpected deployment, PCS, or TDY orders. We know what it is like to raise teenagers and to have teenagers in braces. We, like you, are involved in the community. We go to school, sports, community, and church functions. We have enjoyed coaching youth sports teams. We have also experienced those great life-enriching times of early marriage when we had no money and the car breaks down. We understand life. When you come to see us for your complimentary consultation, we will be able to honestly discuss with you what treatment will be best. Not only what treatment is best for your teeth but what treatment might be best for your life circumstances. If you are military, we understand the military healthcare and dental system and we can help you work with them. We approach each patient by first asking ourselves how we would like our own child, or sibling treated. When you see us you will be treated like family.

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Meet the Team at Dahlke Orthodontics!

Claudia - Orthodontic Assistant

Helping our patients with their treatment, while we create their new smiles, and getting to know them and their families, are all things I love about my work. The exchanges I have with our patients, whether they’re an adult who wants to share the latest news they heard or read, or talk about their family and hobbies, or a younger patient who wants to fill me in on their latest adventures, are all wonderful. I assist Dr. Dahlke during patient procedures, providing him with the support he needs, but at the same time talking with the patient and making sure they’re comfortable and relaxed.

My husband’s name is Gabriel and I have two children, daughter Alex and son Gabriel Jr. Our home is also shared with Coco and Fin, our family dogs and our kitty Rey. While I love spending time with my family, I also like venturing out to explore new places and things, like parks and antique shops.

Fun Fact: I am a Veteran

Diane - Scheduling Coordinator

When you come to our practice, I’m the first person you’ll meet. Meeting new people, and hearing their stories, always fascinates me, and since we care for such a wonderfully diverse group of patients, I’m always learning something new. I schedule patient appointments and help to keep our day running smoothly.

My husband Curt and I have been married for 38 years; we have one daughter, Lacie and one very large cat, Max, who currently weighs 25-pounds! I love riding quads, going camping, and volunteering with the Feed the Hungry program at our church in Puyallup.

Fun Fact: Once you’ve met me you can tell everyone that you’ve met someone who can ride a unicycle!

Jenny - Treatment Coordinator and Practice Manager

I welcome our new patients to the practice and introduce them to the wonder of orthodontics. I love creating relationships with our patients and their families, watching the transformations that happen as smiles develop, and then seeing the incredibly beautiful smiles once the braces are removed. As our practice manager, I make sure that everything here runs smoothly and that our team has everything they need to make your visit a good one. If you ever have any concerns, please come to me and I’ll find a solution.

My husband, Michael, is serving active duty in the US Air Force. My fur babies, Riley and Remington, are Brittanys and I love their company. I enjoy keeping active and exploring all that Washington has to offer, from hiking to camping, to riding quads at the dunes.

Fun Fact - I love making ice cream cakes for my coworkers birthday celebrations!

Kristina - Marketing Coordinator/Scheduling Coordinator

I started here as a patient in 2015 and knew I wanted to be a part of this team. Seeing the transformations patients make with Orthodontic treatment is so rewarding. We are not only creating amazing smiles but happier people at the same time. I also attend our marketing events in the surrounding communities. If you see our Dahlke Orthodontics booth be sure to say hi!

My free time is spent with my husband David of 17 years who is retired from the US Army and our 3 teenage kids. I have 3 dogs Lola Bean, Ms. Pickles Beyonce and Wrigley who have me wrapped around their paws!! I grew up in Eastern WA, so we travel there to visit family often. I truly value the friendships I have made with patients and their families and look forward to meeting you!

Fun fact: All my dogs have middle names

Lorie - Financial Coordinator

It’s a great feeling that my work allows me to help patients with their financial arrangements for the orthodontic care they need. Seeing the relief on a parent’s face, when we find a plan that works with their budget, because they know the difference that braces will make in their child’s life, is so rewarding. I answer patients’ questions about their insurance benefits, am our practice's bookkeeper, and file our insurance claims, too. I keep busy, but I’m never too busy for a chat!

I have adult children and several grandchildren, who live in the area, and I love spending time with them, doing my best to attend their soccer, baseball, and basketball games. I also enjoy golfing and traveling, and I bake fabulous bread for some of the local espresso stands. I’ll bet you’ve even tried one of my creations!

Fun fact: I have completed the STP (Seattle to Portland) bike race five years in a row.

Monica - Orthodontic Assistant

I assist Dr. Dahlke and my teammates in creating our patients’ beautiful smiles. I enjoy building relationships with our patients and hearing about how their day went while helping them achieve the smile they always wanted. I assist Dr.Dahlke chairside, change wires, put braces on and take them off, provide oral hygiene instructions, and assist with sterilization.

I enjoy spending time with my family, hiking, and road trips. My partner in crime is my dog Luna who is four years old and weighs six pounds. I have two daughters and two granddaughters. Summer is my favorite time of year because I love the sun but fall is the most beautiful time of year because I love the pretty colors of the trees, wearing boots and sweaters.

Fun Fact: I am also a Licensed Massage Therapist

Sami - Orthodontic Assistant

Hi my name is Sami and I am from Arizona!! I love the sun so I’m not sure why I’m in Washington state. I get to work with a bunch of ladies who are old enough to be my mom and I LOVE it. They take care of me and I keep them young!! I LOVE Justin Bieber and am waiting for the day he loves me back!

Fun Fact: I starred in a musical when I was in 3rd grade. I was Candy Cane Jane in Candy Cane Lane.

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Top 5 reasons to choose Dahlke Orthodontics

1. Your positive experience is our TOP priority
2. Expert, State-of-the-art treatment
- Digital scanning (no gooey impressions)
- 3D printing
- Clear aligners or traditional braces available

3. Community involvement
- You may spot Dr. Dahlke and his family at one of the local schools
- Our team members regularly run on Saturdays with Wear Blue Run to Remember
- We volunteer yearly as an office at Santa’s Castle on JBLM

4. Our treatment can fit in your budget
- Customizable, interest-free payment plans
- Our fees are all inclusive and include the following:
- - Routine visits
- - Comfort appointments
- - Aligner/Braces removal
- Retainers at the end of treatment to maintain your fabulous smile

5. You will feel like family here

Your Dahkle Orthodontics Experience

When you come to our practice for your complimentary consultation, you’ll immediately feel comfortable. We’ve designed our reception area to feel like a family room at a friend’s home, not a sterile, clinical environment. We have a game room for older kids and an alcove for the little ones. When you move into our treatment areas, you’ll see that we use the latest technologies for diagnostics and treatments, to ensure the best results in the shortest time frame.

At your consultation, we’ll talk with you about your reasons for considering orthodontic care and then you’ll receive a complimentary exam. Based on what you’ve shared, and what was found during the clinical exam, we’ll create a treatment plan for you, including treatment options. We’ll review this information with you, explaining each step of the process, the options and how each works, and the treatment timeline. You’re encouraged to ask questions if anything doesn’t make sense, because we want you to know and understand the processes. It’s important that you’re an informed advocate for your oral health and your smile.

Once we start your orthodontic care, you’ll come in for regular visits. We’ll talk with you at each one about the progress we’re making in straightening your teeth and creating your new smile. We’ll also ask you how you’re feeling about the treatment and if you have any concerns. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable raising any issues with our team: we want orthodontia to be a positive time for you and if you have concerns, we’d like to hear about them so we can get everything back on track.

Throughout your treatment, we’ll be here for you. Our team is composed of friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable people who genuinely love what we do. What could be better than to spend one’s days helping people we care about, watching their transformations in self-esteem and self-confidence as they see their new smile emerging? And the day the braces come off and you see that new smile of yours? We’ll be laughing and grinning right along with you. You’ve put in hard work getting to that point and we’re so proud of you!

If you’ve been thinking about orthodontia for yourself or a loved one, please call to schedule a complimentary consultation at our DuPont, WA office. We’re convenient to JBLM, Lakewood, Steilacoom, and Lacey, and welcome military members and their families.

Our team at Dahlke Orthodontics can’t wait to meet you and start you on that path to straight teeth and an amazing new smile, today!